​Socratic Discovery Experience

​Helping Girls Self-Direct

​their own lives through the power of Socratic Discussion and Exploration. The Socratic Discovery Experience is 1:1 mentoring work with Founder Maria Fuller using Socratic Discussion through video conferencing. This means we aren't telling girls what to do but helping her connect with who she is at her core, develop critical thinking skills and learn to make decisions based off what is best for HER! These skill-sets are not learned early enough in girls lives and are critical for their future success, mental health and achieving their goals.

Our goal is to help girls realize their strengths and what they are good at. We are finding that many girls are very quick to tell us the things they are NOT good at but are not identifying and celebrating those things they are good at.

We will discuss challenges and obstacles that girls face personally and help them come up with their own solutions and ideas to solve their problems teaching problem solving skills and conflict resolution. This teaches girls that they have power to create change for what they want and don't have to depend on others or be stuck in situations.

We will talk about what they are passionate about and help them to work towards finding their purpose. We know that children who have purpose and passion are less likely to take part in risky behaviors and make better choices.

We will talk about how they deal with anxiety, stress and more and come up with healthy coping mechanisms and look at time management skills. We know that anxiety is normal but its the lack of tools to work through those big emotions that turn anxiety into a crippling effect for girls. We have seen how having access to tools empowers girls to take control over their emotions and experience.

We will talk about mindset and cultivating daily mindfulness and gratitude practices to help re-frame their perspectives. We know that daily mindfulness and gratitude practices are a powerful instigator to better mental health, more positive Brain Function and other health benefits!

We will talk about the problems ​they see in the world and how they can help to start changing and reshape it in their own communities so they learn that they have a voice and can inspire change. We know that girls feel like they don't have a voice and it makes them feel insignificant. We also know that girls who go out into their community and volunteer and are involved with organizations to help others have higher self esteem and self worth and realize that they too can make impact in the world regardless of their age.

We will talk about social media and the online space and create healthy habits to use media online to pursue their passions and connect with others and find positive role models. Instead of focusing on all the negatives surrounding social media we will work on helping girls utilize social media in a way the builds them up and teaches them to connect with role models, explore the world and teach them how to help amplify others voices. We teach girls how to be digital up-standers to help counteract cyber bullying and create a culture of acceptance and inclusion.

This project is based off of Maria's experience interviewing and working with nearly 500 tween and teen girls in the last few years and wanting to guide them to learning all of these skills in a way that was intuitive for them. Maria has found that Socratic discussion (using questions to allow one to connect with themselves and their own ideas) helps to develop critical thinking skills and decision making skills that are critical for girls to be successful.

In addition to the Socratic discussions girls will be given light assignments of journaling and exploration to prepare to discuss for the following meeting and helping them to start implementing the skills discussed during conversation.

Girls will also get 1 year access to the Empowered Girl App which is filled with even more resources and content to empower girls to Thrive the transition of Childhood to Adolescence and become Leaders.

​The Details

Experience consists of several calls over the course of several weeks based on the girls schedule. Topics are also geared towards each girls specific needs discovered during the "getting to know you" call!

  • First Call – Getting to know you (45min)
  • School & Time Management Skills (30 min)
  • Self Care/ Coping Skills (30 min)
  • Mindset/Gratitude Skills (30min)
  • Social Media/Role model  (30 min)
  • Wrap up/Follow up a few weeks later
  • (45 min)

For girls in the tri-state area in the USA willing to come up to the Newtown, CT area Maria can add on a 1 hour body image, body language and confidence experience using photography as a tool that teaches girls about the power of body language in improving confidence and self esteem.

We ​only take a few girls each month If interested please email

Maria@EmpoweredGirlMovement.com with your daughters age and some information on why she is a good fit for this and we will send over more details!